No Mention About Exact Time for Iran's Response at Tehran Talks: Mottaki

August 1, 2008

Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs here Friday called on 5+1 countries to respect agreements reached in Tehran talks, reminding them there was no mention about any exact time for Iran's response to their package of incentives.

Manouchehr Mottaki, who was surrounded in a circle of dozens of Iranian and foreign reporters after the closing ceremony of the Non- Aligned Movement Foreign Ministers Conference, made the remark in response to CNN reporter who had asked him about the West's fortnight moratorium to Tehran in Geneva and whether Iran would attach any importance to it.

According to IRNA Political Desk reporter, Mottaki added, "(EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier) Solana and 5+1 countries' representatives should heed the issues agreed upon in Tehran talks and to remain faithful to them."
He added, "There was no mention about a particular time in Tehran, and we told Mr. Solana that we would survey the matter in a month's time and present our proposal. These are the points over which we reached agreement in Tehran and the 5+1 countries have to respect them."
Mottaki reiterated, "The literature of appointing deadlines is incomprehensible for us and we, too, presented our viewpoints within the span of the one month's time that we had agreed upon, so it is now their turn to declare their stands regarding the response they have got from us."
He expressed hope that constructive talks, based on accepted and justifiable fundamentals would take place, in which Solana and Iran's top nuclear negotiator would pursue the matter.

Islamic Republic of Iran's Minister of Foreign Affairs meanwhile emphasized the high significance of NAM's continued support for Iran's peaceful nuclear program, adding, "Naturally, the immediate effect of this support is warding off the negative effect of erroneous negative propaganda in this respect."
Mottaki said, "Among the positive points of NAM's support for Iran's nuclear program there is proving the fact that propagation about global opposition against Tehran's nuclear drive is a big lie." The Foreign Minister pointed out that a group of politicians are inclined to assume they are the world prosecutor general, adding, "They put forth their claims on behalf of the entire world nations, although they know this policy is irrational and unacceptable." Mottaki pointed out that the NAM members comprise sixty percent of the UN countries, stressing once again those countries' support for our country's nuclear program.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Minister in response to another question on near future opening of a US Interests Office in Tehran, said, "We have still received no proposals in that respect." Also on relation between Switzerland's exit from Iran's nuclear negotiations, and whether that would mean direct US entrance into them, Mottaki said, "Representatives from the Switzerland, Turkey and some other countries have had talks with involved parties, including Iran during the past few years, but the exit of one of them cannot be interpreted in any certain ways."

A reporter asked whether Mottaki confirms a New York Times report in which it is claimed that Iran has not mentioned the suspension issue in its proposal.

The Foreign Minister replied, "We have remained committed to the contents of our proposal, and we do not intend to declare at the mass media the issues within the documents we exchange, since we would rather continue negotiations within a logical framework."
In response to a question on the extent of practical value of NAM's support for Iran's nuclear program, he said, "Our decisions on our nuclear program are not adopted based on anyone, or any country's support, and yet, it is quite natural that at the international scene we are after elaboration of our stands, and illumination of minds about the correctness of the path we are paving."