Rafsanjani Invites Nuclear Negotiating Sides Back to Table

April 28, 2006

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  • Nuclear

Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani here on Friday once again invited the negotiating sides with Iran on its nuclear dossier back to the negotiation table.

Rafsanjani said, "The Iranians are willing to pursue their trust building measures, while presenting the outcome of success they have achieved relying on their own scientific talents to the world, amid a transparent atmosphere.

Addressing thousands of Tehrani worshipers at central campus of Tehran University, the influential Head of Iran's Expediency Council referred to the upcoming report of the UN nuclear watchdog Chief Muhamed ElBaradei to the UN Security Council, arguing, "Mr.

ElBaradei's report would be the foundation stone for decisions." Hashemi Rafsanjani emphasized, "As we very often declared, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not after taking military advantage of its nuclear activities." The Friday preacher of Tehran addressing the Westerners, and particularly the Americans, warned, "Take extreme care and heed the aftermaths of any measure you would adopt." He added, "I strictly advise you not to put yourselves, us, and the region in trouble, and to refrain from making moves that would create hardships for the others." The Iranian Expediency Council Head added, "Is it possible to order not have scientific activities in Iran? That is a big historic mistake, since no one is capable of halting the process of an indigenous scientific activity." He said, "You can issue orders to halt the country's exports and imports, but you cannot issue orders to halt the process of a nation's comprehension." Iran's former president said, "Our nuclear capability today is the fruit of twenty five years of hard work of hundreds of our scientists, whose number has been increasing on a daily basis ever since the beginning of the work. Therefore, it is practically impossible to halt that dynamic process today." He referred to Middle Ages Italian scientist Galileo Glilei's restless efforts aimed at proving that the Sun, and not the Earth, is the center of our galaxy, all in vain, comparing that great scientists' hardships and humiliation in that regard with Iran's peaceful nuclear program." " In his time, Galileo was not able to convince the Church officials about the authenticity of his scientific findings, but today our galaxy is called the Solar Galaxy and everyone knows he was telling the absolute truth." He briefed the process of Iran's achievements in nuclear field as, "Our nation started from scratch in this field and paved the way step by step till announcing successfully that we have managed to enrich uranium at experiential stage."

Rafsanjani stressed, "We have not taken advantage of any other nation, too, in that regard, save for analyzing the mechanism of a machine, which our scientists engineered it the reverse way."