Russian Company Delivers equipment to Bushehr

December 29, 2007

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Spokesman for Toul Company, the Russian producer of Bushehr nuclear power plant fuel said the necessary equipment for commissioning nuclear reactor in Bushehr has been delivered.

According to the report of Russian news agency " Ria-Novosti" on Saturday, the company's spokesman added, "Along with the second consignment of nuclear fuel for Bushehr power plant, part of important and necessary equipment for the nuclear reactor, including protective guide cylinders have been dispatched to the power plant."
It was declared on Friday that the Russian constructor of Bushehr nuclear power plant "Atomstroyexport" has delivered 24 capsules (cylinders) of nuclear fuel to Iran.

Russia has started delivering fuel for Bushehr nuclear power plant since December 16, 2007.

In spite of delivering two consignments of nuclear fuel, the exact date of commissioning the plant is not clear yet.