Soltanieh Advises to Abandon Language of Intimidation

March 30, 2006

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  • Nuclear

An Iranian nuclear official here on Thursday advised the west and the countries, represented in the Berlin meeting, to talk to Iran in the language of cooperation and not intimidation.

"The world witnessed that the `hostage' (Iran's nuclear issue) the US had taken to New York has now been released and should be returned to Vienna as soon as possible," said Iran's envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali-Asghar Soltanieh in an interview with IRNA here on Thursday.

Soltanieh said the UN Security Council's Wednesday statement on Iran's nuclear program is politically motivated and not legally binding.

Contrary to the US expectation that it can adopt a resolution in 24 hours after reporting Iran's case to the UN Security Council, it is proved that its calculations were totally wrong, said the envoy.

Since the beginning too there had been no legal basis for engagement of the Council because Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency has stressed in repeated reports that no evidence has yet been found to substantiate any diversion in Iran's nuclear activities towards the prohibited direction, noted Soltanieh.

The Iranian IAEA representative said the UN Security Council statement proves the fact that the Agency is responsible in the case and on the same ground it has been called to provide the Board of Governors with a report after a month and inform the UN Security Council of the result.

Soltanieh said Iran has continued to cooperate with the Agency within framework of the NPT but at any rate, it can not ignore its R&D related activities.

"We paid it dearly and only for this reason (R&D) Iran's case was sent to the Security Council," deplored Soltanieh.

Elsewhere in the interview, the envoy said the west should compensate for its historical mistake because "we have always been saying that we will spare no efforts to implement our IAEA and NPT commitments, while maintaining that measures beyond the legal and judicial commitments will not acceptable." Most importantly, the great Iranian nation can not accept the language of intimidation and any political statement as such would only worsen conditions, said the envoy, adding, "Therefore, the only peaceful solution is continuation of dialogue within framework of the IAEA charter." "That's a subject technically related to the IAEA and the UN Security Council's any form of engagement in the issue, not only lacks any legal justification but will also entail serious problems." He commented that at any rate, Iran will continue with its usual cooperation and agreement with the Agency's inspections as no interruption has been observed in the process over the past one month. "In our opinion the cooperation follows its regular course," he added.

Concluding his remarks, Soltanieh said political pressures would have not a mere impact on the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear policies.