Vaeidi: Sending Iran's Dossier to the UNSC to Mark End of Diplomacy

February 3, 2006

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  • Nuclear

Head of Iran's dispatched delegation to IAEA Javad Vaeidi said here Friday that any kind of referral of Iran's nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council would mark end of diplomacy.

Vaeidi made the comment in a meeting with the press, adding, "That would meanwhile mean demolishing the Russians' cooperation proposal, as a key to solving the crisis." The head of the Iranian delegation said, "We have always announced our readiness for holding dialogue and according to the rules of logic, all sides are urged to give diplomacy a chance."

Warning the West not to make a grave historic mistake, he said, "Based on a ratification at our national parliament on the country's nuclear program, there would be no difference between forwarding Iran's nuclear dossier to the UNSC, reporting the case to the Security Council, or just informing that international body of the case, since in any of those cases Iran would cease all its voluntary moves." He added, "As you are aware, in order to give diplomacy another chance, our government was actively involved in talks on practical measures related to implementing the Russian proposal, but if the IAEA Board of Governors would intend to adopt different measures, we would have no option, but to do what I mentioned."

Vaeidi emphasized, "Our government does not welcome resorting to those measures (ending all voluntary suspensions and boycotting the NPT additional protocol), is not willing to see all diplomatic paths closed, and just as always, favors resorting to peaceful methods to solve the crisis."

He said, "Referring Iran's dossier to the Security Council in any possible way would be a historic mistake under such conditions that Iran is willing to continue full scale cooperation with the IAEA and the world nations to solve the crisis peacefully, and serve the interests of the international community."

The head of the Iranian delegation at the end emphasized on three principals, saying, "We are ready to continue our cooperation with the agency, continue talks with the EU in a bid to pursue diplomacy, and reach agreements for future phases of our activities." In related news, the Non-aligned nations want to soften the resolution to make it for information only rather than a formal report which can lead to sanctions, but diplomats said the West will not accept this.