Minister of Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki Says Iran will Consider P5+1 Proposal

June 14, 2008

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Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Saturday that Iran will consider the Group 5+1 response to Iran package.

Mottaki made the remarks following his meeting with the visiting European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

Solana handed over a package of incentives drawn up by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council -- China, Russia, France, Britain and the US -- plus Germany (Group 5+1) to Mottaki. He also presented the Iranian foreign minister a message from foreign ministers of the six countries.

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said that Tehran is to receive specific views of the Group 5+1 on Iran`s proposed package. `Defending its legitimate and inalienable right, the Iranian government and nation have always announced their readiness for negotiations on different areas,` the Iranian foreign minister reiterated. `Today, you have arrived in Tehran with a package of proposals. It is expected that the two packages (by Iran and the Group 5+1) would be studied logically and constructively,` he added. The study should be based on mutual respect, justice, sovereignty right, and commitment, so that the way would be paved for fruitful negotiations and settlement of regional and international challenges, the Iranian foreign minister noted.

On Iran`s package of proposals, he said Iran presented a comprehensive package on different political, security, economic, nuclear and cultural fields as well as regional and international cooperation. The Iranian proposed package has been welcomed by many world countries, he said, adding that they believe that the package is a comprehensive and logical phenomenon which can prepare the ground for future perspectives. Iran`s package has referred to the issues of mutual interest in a comprehensive manner, Mottaki said, stressing the package includes issues related to security, terrorism, narcotic drugs, organized crimes, and illegal migrants. He added that in the economic field, the package has referred to cooperation in the areas of energy and security particularly with due attention to international market developments and eradication of poverty. In the area of nuclear energy, the package has set forth issues of common interest based on collective commitments, the Iranian foreign minister said.

Solana arrived in Tehran on Friday for talks aimed at helping resolve a dispute over Iran`s peaceful nuclear program.