Spokesman's Remarks on Nuclear Facilities in Iran

January 19, 2003

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  • Nuclear

During his weekly briefing on Sunday, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Dr Hamidreza Assefi answered questions raised by reporters on various issues.

In reply to IRIB reporter`s question on the remarks made by Geogian president Edward Shevardnadze that their nuclear experts are in Iran Dr Assefi rejected the reports on Iran-Georgia nuclear cooperation, stressing that what is raised in world media on Iran`s nuclear activities is mostly 'exaggerations and inaccurate reports'.

Dr Assefi called Iran`s nuclear activities as `peaceful`, stressing that the purpose of these activities is merely to produce energy.

He said, `The Islamic Republic of Iran has thus far been successful in launching a close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in that connection.

Dr Assefi further said that IAEA director general Mohamed Elbaradei will soon travel to Tehran to visit Iran`s nuclear facilities.

In response to a question whether Syrian foreign minister Farouk al-Shara is carrying a message for Iran Dr Assefi said, `The visiting Syrian foreign minister told upon arrival in Tehran last night that he carries a message and today he begins his talks with Iranian officials on the Iraqi crisis and on how the regional countries can cooperate to avert the outbreak of a war in the region.

`In reply to a question on a meeting which is said to be held in Damascus on Iraq the spokesman said, `The Islamic Republic will welcome holding `whatever summit at any level` to resolve the Iraqi crisis.

`He added, `Holding such a summit would be fruitful, stressing that it does not matter if the summit is held in Iran or elsewhere.

`The Islamic republic will debate with Turkey and Syria on details of the summit,` he said while highlighting the need for the cooperation of regional states to prevent the war.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said, `President Mohammad Khatami has been invited to participate in the upcoming summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Malaysia, noting that the Islamic Republic will try to attend the summit at the highest level but it will be declared at an appropriate time whether or not President Khatami will take part at the summit.

`Dr Assefi further stressed that the Islamic Republic has no connections `at any level` with the Iraqi militia Jund al-Islam, stressing that Iran does not approve of the policies of the group.

He said, `Iran considers Jund al-Islam as an extremist group, and that some of its members are reportedly dangerous and suspicious.

As we have repeatedly said before, we are not happy with the presence of the group on Iranian borders.

`Dr Assefi rejected that the Tehran visit by the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad had been cancelled, stressing that the visit may be made in near future due to some considerations.'