Statement by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran's Nuclear Program Politicized by Big Powers

February 23, 2008

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President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Saturday that the powers, which have not been willing to see Iran`s access to nuclear technology, have politicized it. In a live TV address, President Ahmadinejad said, `Our nuclear issue is divided into two specific parts: Firstly the one dealing with nuclear technology, which is a key issue, because some states have monopolized it and use it as a means for their long-term domination over the world.

Secondly, the political side of the nuclear issue. That`s for 30 years that they raise hues and cries that Iranian nation is a backward nation and Iran has no option but staying backward.

` The president said that under pressures and sanctions, Iran gained access to nuclear energy despite their consent. This was hard for them because Iran is a model for the world. Any move Iran has taken thus far has impressed the world.

` He added that Iran`s nuclear issue has no legal problem and any criticism raised on it lacks any legal ground and is important for the west just because of its political nature.
He went on to say that west wanted to take time from Iran, mainly due to the political achievement that the nuclear issue could have for the country.

He stressed that Iranian nation does know the world domineering system, which seeks monopolizing power.

President Ahmadinejad added in his Saturday night live TV address, `There are lots of untold stories regarding our nuclear program,` in response to IRIB reporter. He said, `The nuclear issue in its new form began in the beginning of the summer of 2002, when the MKO (terrorist grouplet) published a report on (Iran`s) Natanz and (nuclear facilities), following which the foreign ministers of three European countries in the fall season of 2003 proposed that the nuclear problem would be solved at the Agency. ` The President added, `It was agreed that bilateral moves needed to be made. Iran`s move was to halt its nuclear activities, but the other side instead issued an anti-Iran resolution. `Then in Brussels it was agreed that there would be negotiations, on condition that Iran would cease any (nuclear) activity,` said Ahmadinejad in his live TV interview.

`But they kept on issuing more severe resolutions against us, till the point when they demanded that Iran should have absolutely no nuclear program. ` He said, `Then on August 5th, 2006 they presented their proposals to us. That was when we noticed the more concessions we had given them, the greater had become their never ending demands.

`But there was one thing they always kept repeating: If you would suspend your uranium enrichment, we would permit you to have trade with us, or other insulting proposals that they made for the Iranian nation. We told them that if you would take (Iran`s) nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council we would activate Natanz facilities,` added President Ahmadinejad.

After we did so, they presented their new package of (promotion) proposals and we asked for two months time to reply to it, meanwhile telling them that if they would in that while issue new resolutions, we, too, would take new steps forward. ` The President said, `We had accepted to abide by the NPT Additional Protocol, without having gained any concessions in return. We had given them the greatest possible concession in order to build trust, but they issued another resolution against us in return, issuing a new set of sanctions.

`It was after that when we reached an agreement with the Agency based on which we agreed to answer any questions they would ask so that the matter would be legally resolved. The Agency put forth six issues to be settled, adding that some countries, too, have made certain claims,` added President Ahmadinejad.

He said in his live TV interview, `The agency confirmed in an official letter addressed to us that those six issues are fully resolved, and that from their point of view the file is closed.
President Ahmadinejad emphasized, `If we would draw the curve of developments in these past few years, it would be made clear that whenever we have given more concessions, their demands have raised higher, while whenever we have stopped giving new concessions, they, too, have become more modest. ` `They openly pointed out repeatedly that they did not want us to reach that (no return) point. They said they had never approved of Iran`s becoming a nuclear country. They considered our voluntary suspension as a constant and necessary move,` added the President in his live TV interview.

He added, `The EU ministers told us in New York that we needed to suspend, shut down, and destroy our nuclear activities and facilities. `They even told us,`It is a fact that you suspended your nuclear activities voluntarily, but that is also a necessity. `Our response was clear: We would not compromise over our rights. Our nation is law-abiding, and what we have demanded them is fully legal, which is the reason why they need to retreat,` said President Ahmadinejad.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added in his TV interview, `The (UN) Security Council, that is the highest level international decision making body and its decisions need to be precise, acted against the rules in case of Iran.
The UNSC made its moves based in wrong information and claims that are legally worthless. ` He added, `We did not accept the resolutions and decisions that were issued and were based on wrong information. They made a big mistake and ruined the reputation of the Security Council.

Ahmadinejad said, `Regarding Iran`s nuclear issue, they are today concerned about themselves, while the best thing to do for them is confessing to their mistakes. ` He predicted that the 15 members of the Security Council would come to their senses, since `continuing to pave the old path would result in leaving a darker blot on the reputation of a management system that intends to regulate the international affairs.'

The President added, `The best thing for them to do would be to alter their conduct.' Ahmadinejad reiterated, `From now on, we would begin treating them differently, because it has been made clear that no more serious questions have remained unanswered, and that Iran`s program has been fully within the framework of the related laws.' He warned, `If they would intend to keep paving the old path, we would demand for compensation.'

The IRI President added, `The Security Council resolutions are not red lines for us, the red line for us is the rights of the Iranian nation.' He said, `They are too little to intend to impose anything against the Iranian nation, and therefore, they had better alter their behavior.'

President Ahmadinejad added, `They intend to gain concessions from us for the mistakes they have made. They made a mistake when they took our file to the Security Council, and they must therefore return it (to the Agency) themselves.' The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasized that from Iran`s point of view the nuclear issue is fully resolved. He furthermore reiterated in his live TV interview, `The political significance of our nuclear program is dozens of times greater than the nationalization of the oil industries.'

Ahmadinejad considered Iran's nuclear victory `the fruit of Iranian nation`s resistance`, adding, `Of course heaviest possible diplomatic work was done over this issue, but the resistance of the Iranian nation was the main pillar for our prosperity in this respect.' The President added, `The United States and its European allies made a big historic mistake.
Under such conditions that it was proved legally we had not breached any laws from the beginning, and we managed to prove the righteousness of our claims in verification tests, they kept on insisting to pave the same wrong path.'

Ahmadinejad made quite clear, `From now on, too, we would keep on moving forth, as we so far have done so. This is the path of solidarity and national unity.
Neither they, nor their allies would be able to make the Iranian nation kneel down and bow to their demands.' He added, `Their problem is that they never got to know our nation. Our nation has treated them observing a high level of nobility.
They halted the process of our nuclear progress for a number of years, and they have to pay fine for it to us.'

President Ahmadinejad at the end congratulated the Iranian nation on the occasion that their righteousness has been proved, adding, `Since we are passing through the lunar month of Safar (in which the Shi`a Muslims mourn for martyrdom a number of their infallible Imams), the celebration ceremony for this great victory would be held on April 8th, 2007.