Ambassador M. Javad Zarif's Statement to the United Nations Security Council on Sanctioning Iran

December 23, 2006

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Today is a sad day for the non-proliferation regime. Only a few days ago, the Prime Minister of the Israeli regime boasted about his regime’s nuclear weapons. But instead of even raising an eyebrow -- let alone addressing -- that serious threat to international peace and security and the non-proliferation regime, the Security Council is imposing sanctions on a member of the NPT that -- unlike Israel: 
• has never attacked or threatened to use force against any member of the United Nations, 
• has categorically rejected development, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons on ideological and strategic grounds,
• was prepared to provide guarantees that it would never withdraw from the NPT,
• has placed all its nuclear facilities under IAEA Safeguards,
• fully implemented the Additional Protocol for over two years4
 and stated its readiness to resume its implementation,
• allowed over 2000 person days of IAEA scrutiny of all its related -- and even unrelated – facilities, resulting in repeated statements by the Agency on the absence of any evidence of diversion,
• voluntarily suspended its lawful enrichment activities for over two years, verified by the IAEA, in order to build confidence and provide ample opportunity to find a mutually acceptable solution – if that ever were the intention of its negotiating partners, 
• presented various far-reaching proposals to ensure permanent non-diversion, and 
• has consistently called for time-bound and unconditional negotiations to find a mutually acceptable solution; a call that was repeated on Thursday by the Iranian Foreign Minister.