President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Speech Marking National Nuclear Day (Excerpts)

April 8, 2008

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Praise be to God, Creator of the universe. Peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his infallible household. O God! We beseech you to hasten the advent of your regent. And please grant him good health and assistance. God! Make us the best of his companions to testify before him. God who excites hearts and eyes, the God who manages day and night, and God who changes life, to change our circumstances to the best [Preceding passage in Arabic]

I thank God, the sole creator and absolute almighty one, for granting the Iranian nation the opportunity to mark a most fateful day on 8 April [2008]. All of you are aware and all nations and opinion-makers too that Iran's nuclear issue is not limited in scope to one that is dealt with between an international organisation and a nation [Iran].

Or merely a technical issue discussed by experts or a faction or a government or merely a legal misunderstanding between organizations and forums. Or, for that matter, certain powers whether a government or a nation or a political faction. The nuclear issue is not limited to such concepts.

All of us know very well that Iran's nuclear issue is the most important political event in the contemporary times. Geographically speaking, the issue has not merely affected Iran and the region. All the relations of the world and major powers and all the political and legal schools of thoughts and all current economic powers are somehow involved with Iran's nuclear issue.

Iran's nuclear issue is an issue belonging to humanity today. Iran's victory in its major battle in the contemporary era is a prelude to major developments in international relations and also the balance of power on the international scene.

One can asses the nuclear issue from three different perspectives: technical, legal and political. You all know that the hegemonic system - in order to deepen and strengthen its domination - has created impediments in the path of scientific and technological development. It has sought to create major impediments and obstacles. It has targeted the uses and interests and benefits resulting from such innovative actions in order to tilt them in favour of the imperialist powers. Certain regulations and constraints have been set in the path of free nations. This is so that imperialist powers would be the only ones to make use of the benefits from technological progress.

They are making utmost use of technological capacities and at the same time they are obstructing other nations' access to new technologies and seek to punish these other nations. This is to prevent them from accessing such technologies.

Regarding the nuclear issue, all nations are in need of new sources of energy but using different pretexts, that you are fully aware of, tremendous pressures have been exerted on oil producing countries so that they would have no right to make use of new technologies.

At the same time we see that many of these major powers are in possession of rich oil and gas resources. This is while they are making use of nuclear technology. They are making maximum use of nuclear technology. They seek to monopolize science for their own interests, even pharmaceutical capacities and technologies are not an exception. They seek to impose their own will and plunder the wealth of nations.

They have even deprived us of the benefit of aircraft spare parts. But, I should state at this point that despite all these monopolizations and sanctions the Iranian nation managed to make progress by relying on God almighty. And by relying on the intelligence and hard work by its scientists, the Iranian nation has managed to develop new technologies, especially developing nuclear know-how.

Today, we visited the Natanz installation, and I wish there were no seditious actions by the major powers so that they would be able to display all the achievements by the Iranian scientists, so that other countries could benefit from these achievements.

Nuclear technology is one of the most complicated technologies in the contemporary world. Our young scientists have developed state-of-the-art technology in the nuclear field. Speaking of installing 6,000 or 10,000 or 24,000 uranium enrichment machines is something insignificant compared to our scientific and technological achievements.

In the field of [electro-] magnetism and making accurate measurements and making use of new methods there has been considerable progress made. A new machine was placed under test which through divine wisdom, will in two to three months' time see all tests successfully completed. The capacity of these new machines, individually - despite their lower costs and smaller dimensions - is more than five times greater than present machines.

We have realised other achievements and hopefully we will use these achievements in the industrial field soon. This will create a major development in the industrial field. Today, despite all the pressures and acts of obstructionism, the Iranian nation has managed to posses nuclear technology which has not been imported into Iran but developed domestically.

. . .