List of Weaponry Found on the "Victoria"

March 16, 2011

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile
  • Military

List of Weaponry Found on the "Victoria"


March 16, 2011

Below is a preliminary list of weaponry and weaponry systems discovered and unloaded this morning at the Ashdod Port hidden in the cargo of the "Victoria" vessel.

  • 230 mortar shells, 120 mm
  • 2,270 mortar shells, 60 mm
  • 6 C-704 anti-ship missiles
  • 2 radar systems manufactured in England
  • 2 launchers
  • 2 hydraulic mounting cranes for radar system
  • 66,960 bullets for the Kalashnikov, 7.62 millimeter

It is important to note that the C-704 shore-to-sea missiles have a range of 35 kilometers and according to assessments, their intended destination to the Gaza Strip would have constituted a significant gain in the weapons capabilities of terror organizations operating there.

The identification document for the anti-ship missiles was in Persian and contained emblems of the Iranian government throughout. In addition, the ship left from the Syrian port of Lattakia before stopping in Turkey to make its way to Egypt. To the IDF's understanding, Egypt and Turkey had no prior knowledge of the weaponry.

This incident further demonstrates Iranian and Syrian involvement in strengthening and arming terror organizations in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere.


Updated photos from the Ashod Port


Some of the 230 120 mm mortar shells which were on-board the "Victoria". There were approximately 2,500 total mortar shells on the ship. The weaponry was transferred without the knowledge of the vessel's crew.



Canister containing the C-704 anti-ship shore-to-sea missile. The missile, used by the Iranian military, has a range of 35 km and was intended for the use of terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.



An instruction manual for the C-704 anti-ship missile written in Persian further highlights Iran's involvement in the weapons smuggling on-board the "Victoria". The manual contained various emblems of the Iranian government.