Ministry of Foreign Affairs Expresses Disappointment on the Signing of the German-Iranian Gas Production Contract

July 31, 2008

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its disappointment at the German government approval of a contract signed between a German engineering company and the Iranian Oil Company to build three natural gas liquefying plants in Iran.

The decision of the German government is opposed to the spirit of the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council against Iran. It is disquieting that Germany, a member of the group of leading European countries (EU3), which includes France, Great Britain and Germany, has adopted a standpoint detrimental to the international position, which calls for the significant increase in sanctions should the development of the Iranian nuclear program continue.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has requested clarification on this issue from leading members of the German government, and has expressed Israel's concern at this development, which led Germany's federal export control office to approve the contract with Iran.