Discussion between Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and Iranian Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi

April 19, 2004

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  • Nuclear

The stabilisation of Iraq was the focus of discussions held today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and his Iranian counterpart Kharrazi, visiting Italy on the first leg of a mission that will eventually bring him to eleven European capitals. The collaboration between the two governments, traditionally so close and characterised by a profound and constructive dialogue, has been further intensified in recent weeks as a consequence of the deteriorating security situation in Iraq.

The two ministers agreed on the need for a reinforced role for the United Nations in Iraq and on the need for in-depth consultation with the political forces and Iraqi components and with neighbouring countries involved in the stabilisation of Iraq and the region. The two Ministers also agreed that the United Nations' role will have to be developed on these same bases. They also jointly underscored the need for the rapid and effective turnover of power to properly legitimised Iraqi authorities by 30 June.

Frattini and Kharrazi also examined the concept of Iran's collaboration on the international level in matters of nuclear controls, which was subsequently examined in depth at the technical level by the two delegations, which this morning launched a discussion destined to take place periodically with a view to preparing the June session of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Finally, they discussed the most recent developments in the Middle East situation. The Minister reiterated, in this regard, his firm denouncement of every form of violence, which only contributes to feeding the spiral of hatred rather than to reducing it, and confirmed Italy's commitment to fostering to the greatest extent possible the resumption of the path of dialogue.