Remarks by Massimo D’Alema on the possibility of a Diplomatic Solution to the Iranian Nuclear Crisis (Excerpts)

February 7, 2007

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Q: On the issue of Iran, you have declared on several occasions that Italy prefers to seek a political and diplomatic solution. Are you still convinced that such a solution is concretely possible?

A: We continue to believe that the only solution possible is a political and diplomatic one, and that the only path to take is that of the resumption of dialogue and negotiations.

I would stress that Resolution 1737 orders Iran to implement the measures requested by the IAEA to strengthen confidence regarding the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme, rendering obligatory the requests the IAEA has already made to Iran, reinforcing them with the authority of the United Nations. We have always been in favour of the Security Council's greater role in ensuring respect for international obligations regarding non-proliferation, as a complement - and not as an alternative - to the function of international agencies such as the IAEA.

At the same time, Resolution 1737 adopts limited and reversible sanctions that signal the international community's deep concern and shared desire to avoid the risk of proliferation associated with those programmes. The possibility of resuming negotiations with Teheran is not entirely to be ruled out.

We are hoping that implementation of the Resolution leads Iran back to the negotiating table. For our part, once, as we are hoping, dialogue is relaunched and the nuclear issue on its way to being resolved, we shall not fail within the framework of the EU, the G8 and the Security Council, to make our contribution on behalf of recuperating prospects for a broad-based and constructive confrontation with Iran aimed at ascertaining, on the grounds of regional security and stability, what assurances to ask of and obtain from Teheran.

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