Statement by Foreign Minister Frattini on adoption of UNSCR 1929

June 9, 2010

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

"A very strong political signal has come from New York: the international community cannot accept Iran's development of a nuclear weapon, triggering a proliferation race that would have serious effects on regional and world security".

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini's commented on approval of the UN resolution establishing new sanctions against Iran, adding: "now it is important to pursue a two-track approach. The sanctions are not an end in themselves, but must serve to bring Teheran back to the negotiating table".

"Italy remains convinced", Frattini underscored, "that the only possible solution to the Iranian nuclear question is a diplomatic one. It is our fervent hope that, in light of the resolution adopted today by the UN Security Council, the Iranian authorities will change their attitude and respond constructively to the demands of the IAEA, finally clearing up persistent doubts about the nature of their nuclear programme".