Statement by Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi on New Sanctions Impact

January 24, 2012

The fact that the Iranian leadership has been trying everything to "bypass the measures" shows that the new European sanctions against Iran are going to have a big impact. This was Minister Giulio Terzi's response in an interview with CNN after the EU Council of Foreign Ministers approved a set of new measures. The Iranian authorities "have been active diplomatically on various fronts," the minister added, "and are trying to convince countries not to implement these measures and this is already an indication that the sanctions are making a clear effect." In Minister Terzi's view Europe's new sanctions against Iran reduce the risk of military confrontation. Responding to a question on that risk, Terzi said that "the use of force" would "be very disruptive for the overall region and proceeding toward further sanctions is, in our opinion and in the European opinion, the way of defusing that possibility." As for the impact the embargo could have on Italy, Terzi said that was not a major concern. At the moment, the minister said, Italy "is differentiating its sources of supply, also with other countries, for instance with Libya, we are increasing production there and importation."