News Summary on Pakistani Support of European Negotiations with Iran (Excerpts)

February 3, 2005

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

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  • Iran

Foreign Minister Khursheed Mehmud Kasuri said Wednesday Pakistan supports the European approach for a peaceful settlement of the issue related to Iran's nuclear program."We would like to support the European approach which is aimed at a solution, which is peaceful, which takes into consideration the Iranian sensitivities and needs and also what the United States has been saying," Kasuri told a news conference.

The Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) Secretary General Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu was present with foreign minister. "So what we would like to do is the approach which the Europeans and G-3 have adopted. We think this is positive," Kausri said. The OIC Secretary General also supported the European approach on Iran issue saying: "We support the approach of G-3."

"We are following the situation very carefully and we think that as long as Iran is abiding by the international laws and (there) has been peaceful dialogue, we will be interested...that we should respect the Iranians," Ihsanoglu said. Referring to negotiations between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, he said the OIC would always prefer and support an amicable solution. "We do not need any more further interventions in the Muslim world," the Secretary General said.

Kasuri said: "We feel that this matter should be resolved in a peaceful manner and that Iran's right as provided under the NPT should also be protected." "Iran is a signatory to the NPT and the NPT whereas prescribes some limitations, also bestows some rights and one right is approach to peaceful technology," he added. The Foreign Minister said Pakistan is interacting with all the three parties - the United States, Iran and the European Union.

"Iran is a brotherly and neighboring country, and Pakistan has already paid a very high price for destabilization that has resulted from the situation in Afghanistan. ... We have a vital interest, quite apart from the brotherly feeling that we have for the people of Iran," he said. Kasuri further said: "We also have a vital interest in peace and security on our own borders. We have not missed this point. I have personally raised this so have the President and the Prime Minister."

"We raised (this) with Americans, we have long discussions with the EU leaders both in Brussels with the European Commission as well as the Belgium government." The Foreign Minister said Pakistan has also discussed the issue extensively at Davos. "We have also been in touch in the Iranian government." He said: "Ultimately, it is sovereign decision of the government of Iran. Friends can in the sense of trying to bring the temperatures down and this is what we are doing."

"We are telling the world that we cannot afford another problem in the Islamic world particularly after what has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq," he added. "We hope for the brotherly people of Iran as far as they are concerned, they have our best wishes and we will continue to play any diplomatic role that we can in the ultimate analysis, we can only do that and no further. It is for the government of Iran to take final decision," the Foreign Minister said.

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