Press Release on Russian Fuel Deliveries to Iranian Nuclear Power Plant at Bushehr

December 17, 2007

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Related Country: 

  • Iran

On December 16, Russia began nuclear fuel deliveries for the Iranian nuclear power plant at Bushehr, which is being built with Russian aid. Fuel shipments are being made in accordance with the Russian-Iranian Intergovernmental Agreement on the construction of the Bushehr NPP under the control of the IAEA.

The fuel for this plant is being shipped in advance, as envisaged by Russian standard specifications and with regard for the need for the Iranian side to furnish to the IAEA all the required information on the Bushehr plant on a timely basis. Pursuant to these specifications fuel delivery to a nuclear power plant being built precedes by about six months the appearance of a technological requirement in it. We also follow this procedure in this particular case. Deliveries will be made up to February.

After the Russian fuel is spent at the Bushehr nuclear power plant, it will be returned to Russia for further processing and storage. This is also stipulated by the above-mentioned Russian-Iranian agreement.

All fuel that will be delivered will be under the control and guarantees of the IAEA for the whole time it stays on Iranian territory. Moreover, the Iranian side gave additional written assurances that the fuel will be used only for the Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Russian-Iranian cooperation on the Bushehr plant vividly demonstrates that it is possible effectively and reliably to ensure the implementation of national plans to develop a civilian nuclear power sector in full accordance with the rights and obligations of the states parties to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Thus, the Iranian side today has a practical confirmation that the nuclear power plant at Bushehr for its normal functioning is reliably provided with nuclear fuel. We consider that the qualitatively new conditions have been created that will enable Iran to undertake steps which are required of it in accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the IAEA Board of Governors to restore trust in the peaceful character of the Iranian nuclear program. This also includes suspension of uranium enrichment activities, since in the medium term the Iranian side has no objective need for its own enterprise specializing in enrichment: the Bushehr station (under the terms of the contract) is supplied with Russian fuel for its entire period of operation.