Press Conference with President Vladimir Putin on the P5+1 Group Discussions (Excerpts)

June 2, 2006

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

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  • Iran

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Question: Yesterday six countries met to discuss the Iranian problem. If possible could you confirm what Russia's position is on this issue - will Russia participate in economic sanctions against Iran if Iran does not agree with the existing offer? And will Russia participate in negotiations concerning Iran?

Thank you.

Vladimir Putin: There is a proverb that says if a grandmother had certain reproductive organs, she would have been a grandfather. Politics does not accept subjunctive mood. First of all we must develop common approaches with our partners, approaches that would be acceptable to our Iranian partners and that would not restrict their possibilities for using modern technology. At the same time these approaches must completely assuage the international community's concerns about the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and nuclear technologies that could prove dangerous for international peace.

What form these decisions will take will become clear in the course of discussions with our European and American partners. In any case we welcome the fact that the USA has decided to join the negotiation process. I consider that the American administration has taken a very important step. And this allows the whole process to take on an absolutely new character. In my last conversation with the President of the United States I agreed that Russia should participate in this process. Of course we will also participate in this process.

Our main position is well known. We are against the use force in any circumstances. That is clear.

We also think it is too early to talk about sanctions. We must engage in a detailed and profound discussion with the Iranian leadership. Only after that will it be possible to speak about the process' prospects for development. But in any case Russia is ready to participate actively in this process.

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