Foreign Minister Lavrov Remarks Following the P5+1 Meeting in London

October 6, 2006

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[Unofficial translation from Russian]

Question: Did today's meeting influence Russia's position in any way?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: I think that the position of Russia influenced today's meeting, just as the position of the other countries did. We set forth our position and affirmed our readiness to follow the accords that were reached within the Six framework. Today, in keeping with these accords, we commended the efforts Javier Solana has undertaken. We expressed regret that so far the Iranian side is not ready to suspend its uranium enrichment activities and thus open the way to the start of negotiations. We firmly reiterated that in the UN Security Council we would consult on what additional steps could be taken to induce the Iranian side to accept the proposals the six countries submitted at the start of June after all. What is particularly important, it was clearly reaffirmed that these proposals remain on the table and that we are ready for negotiations. I think that this is the most important outcome of the meeting and any additional steps would be directed solely at inducing Iran to accept these proposals.

Question: What will be our voting in the UN Security Council on a draft resolution if such a draft is submitted?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: No one even has in view any voting so far, because no drafts, no proposals exist on paper. Our position will consist solely of ensuring that all steps are directed at bringing negotiations nearer, not at punishing Iran, not at isolating Iran, which would only deepen the crisis and increase the risks concerning preservation of the nonproliferation regime.