Press Conference with Foreign Minister on U.S. Role in Iranian Context (Excerpts)

March 1, 2005

Unofficial translation from Russian

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Question: What did you mean by saying that the US can play a positive role in the context of Iranian problems?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: We have established close cooperation with the EU Troika so as to be certain that the Iranian program bears a peaceful character and that the resolution, adopted last November by the IAEA Board of Governors, is fully complied with. We have repeatedly welcomed the statements of Washington, including the statements of George Bush, that the US would want a peaceful and diplomatic resolution of the Iranian problem. I think that the EU Troika's involvement in the direct talks with Iran, the involvement of Russia in its own cooperation with Iran, which is being coordinated with the EU Troika's efforts, the exchange of views, and the elaboration of steps which will help everybody move in this direction, coupled with the participation of the US, will be useful.

Question: How did you succeed in convincing the European representatives of the peaceful character of cooperation with Iran?

Foreign Minister Lavrov: I did not have to convince anyone. They, in fact, don't need any such convincing. They know what we are doing together with Iran. This completely fits into the framework of the IAEA resolutions. Our cooperation with Iran in nuclear power is proceeding under IAEA control. And there is no need to convince anyone of its peaceful character.

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