Press Release Regarding Announcement by Tehran of its Decision to Resume Uranium Enrichment Research

January 10, 2006

Unofficial translation from Russian

We are deeply disappointed by the Iranian side's announced decision to resume uranium enrichment research. It had been suspended as part of Iran's voluntary moratorium on all the enrichment-related work in response to the appeals from the IAEA Board of Governors. Such a moratorium is an essential confidence-building measure to deal with the questions still to be answered on the Iranian nuclear program.

Unfortunately, our Iranian partners took this step even after the Russian-Iranian consultations held in Teheran on January 7-8, during which we had insistently advised them not to do so. We urge Iran to return promptly to the moratorium, and full-fledged cooperation with the IAEA in compliance with the resolutions of the Agency's governing board on its nuclear program.

The Russian side in Teheran reconfirmed its readiness to help it find mutually acceptable solutions in the context of resolving the situation around Iran's nuclear program by politico-diplomatic methods. In this connection the Russian representatives explained our proposal to establish within Russia a joint nuclear fuel facility with Iran for the needs of its nuclear power industry, which with a continuing moratorium would be capable of reliably meeting the country's nuclear energy requirements in years ahead.

We count on Teheran responding with the utmost seriousness to the concern of the international community at its decision to resume uranium enrichment research.