Questions for Prime Minister Tony Blair on Engagement with Iran (Excerpts)

February 9, 2005

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  • France
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The Prime Minister was asked-

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Jeremy Corbyn (Islington, North) (Lab): Will the Prime Minister take this opportunity to assure the House and the rest of the world that he intends to continue an engagement with Iran, rather than joining in any American-led military attack or military threat towards Iran, either in the near future or the distant future?

The Prime Minister: We are pursuing the policy of engagement, which we have conducted with France and Germany, and indeed with the United States' full support. I have to say to my hon. Friend that it is important also to make it clear to Iran-I hope this is a message that he will join in sending to the Iranian Government-that it cannot breach the rules of the International Atomic Energy Agency and cannot develop nuclear weapons capability. That is the very clear wish of the entire international community. I happen to believe, however, that it can be pursued by diplomatic means of engagement.

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