Prime Minister Gordon Brown: Iran Diplomacy Must be Stepped Up

November 12, 2007

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  • Nuclear

Diplomatic efforts to resolve the nuclear dispute with Iran must be increased if progress is to be maintained, the PM has said.

In an interview with Sky News yesterday, the Prime Minister said that talks with Iran were "bearing some success" and that sanctions against the country were "having some effect". The PM said that cooperation across the EU, as well as with the US, Russia and China, could help resolve the dispute.

The PM said:

"I think people are genuinely worried about the nuclear ambitions of Iran in contravention of everything that has been promised.

"I believe, however, that while nothing should be ruled out, it is important to say that the sanctions that we are placing on Iran are having some effect, that we will continue to look at how the United Nations regime can be improved if it becomes necessary but Iran of course has an opportunity to comply with the International Atomic Energy Authority and with its obligations under the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and I hope they will do so."

Mr Brown reiterated the offer to Iran to assist with its development of civil nuclear power capabilities in return for an abandonment of any military nuclear programme.