Prepared Testimony by the Director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Robert Werner Before the House Financial Services Committee Hearing: Stopping Funding of Weapons of Mass Destruction

February 16, 2006

In addition to a brief general discussion of OFAC's sanctions authorities and programs, my testimony today will review the background, scope and process by which OFAC, in conjunction with other executive branch departments and agencies, carries out Executive Order 13382. I will also discuss, to the extent possible given the short period in which this program has been in effect, our assessment of its impact to date. Although the obvious sensitivities of the WMD program preclude, in an open forum, my ability to provide detailed information, I believe it is important to review with the Committee the steps Treasury and OFAC are taking to help protect American citizens from the threat of weapons of mass destruction. I thank you for your longstanding leadership and support in fostering an on-going dialogue on this and other national security issues that affect all Americans.