Remarks by Department Spokesperson Ian Kelley on Iran Missile Launch and Nuclear Trigger (Excerpts)

December 16, 2009

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QUESTION: Do you have any reaction to the missile launch, the Iranian missile launch?

MR. KELLY: Yeah, just a moment. Yes, of course we're aware of these reports at a time when the international community has offered Iran opportunities to begin to build trust and confidence. These kinds of tests can only undermine Iran's claims of peaceful intentions. I think that these kinds of actions will only increase the seriousness and resolve of the international community in our efforts to hold Iran accountable for its continued defiance of international obligations on its nuclear program.

Yeah, in the back.

QUESTION: In Copenhagen, does the Secretary have any plans to meet with any of her counterparts in the P-5+1?

MR. KELLY: I think her - I mean, her focus, really, in Copenhagen is going to be the business at hand in Copenhagen, the need for strong action internationally to face this challenge. If she does have meetings with her - with members of the P-5+1, the agenda is going to be Copenhagen. As far as I know, there's no plans for her to engage on this issue. Of course, if she meets with one of her foreign minister colleagues, I'm sure she'll discuss other issues on our agenda as well, including Iran, but that won't be the focus of the meeting.


QUESTION: Would you care to go further than your colleague P.J. would yesterday on the - what he talked - what he said was the revelation of Iran working on a nuclear trigger, or a trigger for an atomic bomb?

MR. KELLY: Well, I think what P.J. said was that this was an intelligence issue, and we don't care to discuss intelligence issues. I think in broad terms, there are a number of reasons for us to have real serious concerns about the nature of Iran's nuclear program, which just redoubles the need for the international community to get them to open up their program and raise confidence that it's indeed - does have peaceful intentions with this nuclear program.

But the reports of this particular document, no, we don't have any --

QUESTION: Well, is - are the reports of this particular - of this particular document, are they a reason to be concerned?

MR. KELLY: Well, again, we have a lot of reasons to be concerned about Iran.

QUESTION: Is this one of the reasons?

MR. KELLY: Well, I don't want to get into the specific document --

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