Joint Press Conference with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Javier Solana

May 10, 2006

SECRETARY RICE: Hello, everyone.

QUESTION: Good morning. Mr. Solana, will there be new incentives to turn Iran around? (Inaudible) -- it looks like we've had a disaster.

SECRETARY GENERAL SOLANA: We have (inaudible) with a lot of intelligence and a lot of cooperation.

QUESTION: Will you be ready by Monday?

SECRETARY GENERAL SOLANA: I don't think that by Monday because today's --

QUESTION: Monday in Brussels.

SECRETARY GENERAL SOLANA: Monday, in fact, we will talk about, but it will not be finalized (inaudible).

SECRETARY RICE: Barry, let me just note, of course the other part of this is that we will have Security Council action and the issue is to make certain that Iran knows that there are two options that have been there all along, which is that they can have a civil nuclear program that is appropriate and that the international community supports or they can face isolation. And there will be Security Council action. We felt that two weeks to continue to try to work for Council unity was well worth it.

QUESTION: Thank you.