Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on September 26, 2019 (Excerpts)

September 26, 2019

Q: Yesterday the United States sanctioned several Chinese oil companies and individuals for allegedly transporting Iranian oil. Do you have any comment on that? Will the Chinese government stop Chinese companies from transporting Iranian oil?

A: China expresses strong indignation and firm opposition to US sanctions on Chinese businesses and individuals. China firmly opposes the US imposition of unilateral sanctions and so-called "long-arm jurisdiction" and its wanton bullying and oppression of Chinese enterprises.

China has stressed many times that the normal energy cooperation between Iran and the international community, including China, under the framework of international law is lawful and justifiable, and thus should be respected and protected. In disregard of the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, the US has been wantonly wielding the stick of sanctions. That grossly tramples on basic norms governing international relations and is unpopular and contrary to the trend of the times. We strongly urge the US to immediately correct its wrongdoing. China has taken and will continue to take necessary measures to safeguard the legal rights and interests of its businesses.