French Foreign Ministry Daily Press Briefing

January 9, 2019

Q : Following the European announcement of sanctions on an Iranian intelligence service unit, can you explain if there will be any legal consequences on the financial flows of Iranian embassies given that one of the suspects targeted by the sanctions was notably working at an embassy?

A : The sanctions adopted yesterday by the European Council are targeted and proportionate measures against a state entity and two individuals involved in plotting an attack in France.

Under Council Common Position 2001/931, which defines this sanctions regime, the EU is ordering the freezing of funds and other financial assets or economic resources of this entity and these individuals and is seeking to ensure that funds, financial assets, economic resources and other financial services are not available to them.

These measures only target the entity and individuals listed and do not affect the functioning of Iranian diplomatic missions, whose property, including their bank accounts, benefit, under international law, from immunity preventing them in principle from being subject to implementing measures.