Iran - Q&A - From the Press Briefing

December 5, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile

Related Country: 

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom

Q: Why did France, the United Kingdom and Germany decide to send another letter to the UN Secretary-General asking for another report on the Iranian ballistic missile program?

A: We have repeatedly expressed our strong concern over Iran’s ballistic missile activities, which are not in compliance with its obligations under UN Security Council resolution 2231 and represent a threat to regional and international security.

As UN member states do regularly, France, the United Kingdom and Germany conveyed to the UN Secretary-General their information and analyses on ballistic activities in Iran that are not in compliance with resolution 2231.The UN Secretary-General’s biannual report on the implementation of this resolution is to be published this month.

We urge Iran to comply with all of its obligations.