Iran – Q&A from the press briefing (28 Apr. 2020)

April 28, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile
  • Military

Related Country: 

  • France
  • European Union

Q. What is France’s position on the end of the embargo on the sale of conventional weapons to Iran in 2020, enshrined in the JCPoA? Will France ask for an extension of that embargo?

A. France is deeply committed to respecting the Vienna Agreement and UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

This October’s lifting of the UN arms embargo established by Resolution 2231 could have major implications for regional security and stability.

The EU embargo will remain in effect according to the terms of the Vienna Agreement beyond 2020 and until October 2023, as will the UN embargo on ballistic technologies and equipment.

France intends to work closely on this issue with its E3 partners, its partners in the Vienna Agreement, and the Security Council. It remains fully committed to creating the conditions for a de-escalation of tensions in the region.