Iran—Q&A from the Press Briefing

July 26, 2021

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Q: You have said repeatedly that time is not a factor for anyone when it comes to saving the Iranian nuclear agreement. How much time are you prepared to wait for a return to the negotiating table, given that Iran’s nuclear capability is increasing each day?

A: It is urgent for Iran to return to the negotiating table. Progress has been made over six negotiating sessions, but through its actions, Iran continues to exacerbate the nuclear situation. If it continues down this path, not only will it delay the moment when an agreement might be reached providing for the lifting of sanctions, but it could compromise the very possibility of concluding the Vienna talks and restoring the JCPoA.

We are consulting closely on this situation with our E3 partners and other participants in the JCPoA, including the United States, with the shared goal of resuming negotiations as quickly as possible and reaching an agreement.