German Foreign Ministry: "We Remain Committed to the Nuclear Agreement”

Following the withdrawal by the United States from the nuclear agreement with Iran, Foreign Minister Maas announces he will keep working to ensure that the agreement can remain in place.
May 6, 2018

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It is “with regret and concern” that the German Government noted yesterday’s decision by US President Donald Trump that the United States will withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran (JCPoA). In recent weeks, Germany together with France and the United Kingdom worked intensively to convince the US to remain part of the agreement. 

Close cooperation with European partners

The decision sets back efforts to promote stability in the region. Foreign Minister Maas noted his concern: “In areas where the nuclear agreement enhanced security, insecurity may now grow; there is also the danger that faith in international agreements will diminish.” The German Government wants to prevent this, through close cooperation with European partners. The first order of business is to “prevent uncontrolled escalation in a region that is already suffering from many crises and conflicts.” Intensive talks are being held with all parties to this end. 

"The agreement is working"

Our objective is clear – Germany remains committed to the nuclear agreement. Foreign Minister Maas: “We will keep working to ensure that the agreement can remain in place. It is the successful outcome of many years of long and tough diplomatic negotiations. And above all, the agreement is working.” Implementation of the nuclear deal is a key element in the global non proliferation architecture and a pillar of regional security. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed in its quarterly reports that Iran has adhered to the understandings contained in the JCPoA. “That is why we want to maintain the agreement’s control and transparency mechanisms.” 

In the interest of Iran – and of the world

Iran also benefits from the agreement – sanctions have been eased, and the Iranian economy is growing. It cannot be to Iran’s advantage to jeopardise the opportunities the deal also holds for it as a country. Maas has called on Iran to act level-headedly and to continue to meet its respective obligations. Maintaining the deal is not only in the interest of the countries in the Near and Middle East – the entire world has an interest in preventing a nuclear arms race.