Interview by Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel with Spiegel Online (Excerpts)

June 8, 2017


In Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump signed one of the largest weapons deals in his nation’s history and, at the same time, sharply criticised Iran. In the Syria conflict, Iran – which has just been the target of a terrorist attack – is on the side of Assad, who is also backed by Russia.

It cannot be in the interest of Russia to side with Iran on a long-term basis. And it certainly cannot be in Moscow’s interest if Assad is one day so strong thanks to Iran’s help that he no longer needs Moscow.

Do you really believe that the US Administration wants to uphold the nuclear agreement with Iran?

Fortunately, the US Administration hasn’t terminated the agreement. So far, Washington has adhered to what was agreed, including those aspects relating to the easing of sanctions against Tehran. However, this can only continue if the Iranian side strictly abides by this agreement. The Americans won’t tolerate any violations of the nuclear agreement by Tehran. That’s clearly in Germany’s interest, too.