Maas Attends Foreign Affairs Council (Excerpts)

December 10, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas met his counterparts from the other EU countries in Brussels today to discuss several pressing areas of conflict in international affairs. They talked about the conflict in Ukraine, the nuclear deal with Iran and the brutal war in Yemen. The tensions between Serbia and Kosovo were also on the agenda.

The foreign minister issued the following statement on arriving in Brussels:

The nuclear agreement with Iran is important for security in Europe. We want to ensure that payment channels remain open so that economic activity can continue in Iran. On issues like Iran’s conduct in Syria, the missile programme and human rights, we need to talk to Iran – and exert pressure if need be.

The activities of Iran’s intelligence services in Europe were another subject which needed to be addressed, Maas added. These developments, he said, were unacceptable and their continuation would not be tolerated.