146 MPs Issue Statement Supporting AEOI

June 1, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

On May 26, 146 members of Iran Parliament Assembly passed a statement in support of AEOI policies as the following:

We, members of the Iran Parliament Assembly, hereby, support the recent measures adopted by AEOI for implementation of the National Security Council's JCPOA related approvals, reduction of nuclear commitments within the accord framework as well as removal of some liabilities including the fourfold increase in enriched uranium production and noncompliance with heavy water restrictions.

This measure is taken upon the illegal exit of U.S from the JCPOA deal, breaching of Security Council resolutions as well as imposing unilateral, unlawful sanctions against our country, contrary to international norms. This position is a manifestation of the Iran's Revolutionary Islamic authority.

The Islamic Republic of Iran through the 14 reports issued by IAEA has proven its good intentions and outright continence, and provided a noticeable opportunity for the other JCPOA members to compensate for the ill effects of the U.S exist.

Unfortunately this wise good will and patience of the Iranian nation and authorities remains unresponded to, and besides issuance of political statements no other practical measure has been adopted to make up for the U.S imposed sanctions. We, Iran parliament MPs in line with safeguarding the national, security interests of the country, while appreciating the efforts of the personnel of peaceful, proud nuclear industry, declare our firm support of the recent positions and other later legal measures taken and recommend the western parties to abide by their commitments so as not to be accountable in the face of history and humanity.