AEOI Deputy Elaborates on the JCPOA Commitment Reduction, Third Step Details

September 21, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

On/7/Sep, Mr. Kamalvandi, AEOI spokesman and International, Legal and Parliamentary affairs deputy in an extensive press briefing with the major media, elaborated on the JCPOA commitment reduction and declared the third step details of which the main excerpts appear below:

An order was addressed on 6/Sep/ to the AEOI by H.E, the I.R of Iran President for accelerating the R&D activities based on the country's technical needs regardless of the JCPOA commitments.

The decade following the year 2000 corresponded to the promotion of Iran's nuclear development on the industrial scale in the areas of R&D, Natanz uranium enrichment facilities and Isfahan UCF uranium processing, Khondab heavy water complex Etc….

Nuclear industry in Iran has achieved a lot in the last 20 years. The main plan was to reach around 1 million (swu) capacities in 15 years.

Post (JCPOA) period witnessed unfortunate developments, of which, the U.S exit from the deal imposed a lot of unfair pressure on Iran.

Iran had to confront such illegal imbalance. The opposing side refrained from honoring and going back to its admitted commitments.

We put aside the 3/67 enrichment limit in the second step level. The first step was concerned with passing over the 300 KG reserves.

At the beginning of JCPOA, 4 years ago, the envisioned plan was to pursue the 15 year plan as advised by the Supreme Leader. The country's needs demanded at least 190/000 (swu), which required advances in technology. The need for the desired capacity demanded an increase in the number of centrifuges installed.

We started the gas injection process of IR6 machines which was supposed to start at the 11th year.

For the next 2 months, before the step 3 phase is ended, we have 3 more tasks to achieve. One is to commence the 164 chain of IR4 and IR2m. This means, around 328 centrifuges with around 1500 (swu) capacity increase or equivalent to adding 1300 IR1 to the enrichment cycle. Commencing the gas injection process of 30 IR6 machines was supposed to be performed in the 8, and half year. Now we have a 10 chain line being gassed and started the 20 chain since yesterday and the 30 chain line will be done in 2 months’ time. This means, practically, 60 IR6 machines, in the course of 2 months’ time which will be both performing R&D function and at the same time uranium increase level.

We are honestly committed to our accepted obligations but this should not be a one way street. The conditions get worst as time goes on. The Europeans should know not much time is left, and they should show positive signs and intention as soon as possible. The Islamic Republic has the ability to increase enrichment capacity up to 20 percent and even more. This is a national, native industry; we are proud of it and will protect it to observe the country's dignity.