AEOI Holds First School of Particle Detection, Dosimetry, and Radiation Protection

February 18, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

-The first School session for Particle Detection, Dosimetry and Radiation Protection which was primarily initiated from Jan, 27 at the (AEOI) was followed up with a 2 days intensive course with the participation of leading European Union nuclear research scientists and top authorities of the Organization. It is worth mentioning that the session will last until Feb/19.

-The school was based on the framework of R&D cooperation agreement between I. R. of Iran and E.U, in line with the annex 3 of the historical JCPOA deal, as well as the joint declaration issued by the two sides in the recently held Isfahan seminar.

-During the event, two of Europe's scientist from the European Joint Research Center demonstrated the latest findings in the field of particle detection, dosimetry and radiation protection in a two day workshop from Jan/13 to 14.

-The session was opened with a presentation by Mr. Rezaei, Director General of AEOI international relations section who presented a briefing on the Iran-E.U nuclear cooperation particularly on the R&D and safety grounds.

-The Organization's deputy head for International, Legal and Parliamentary affairs, H.E Kamalvandi, on his turn, emphasized on the healthy trend of current cooperation in the framework of (JCPOA) and its annexes. He also pointed out that Iran will remain committed to its obligations as long as all other parties follow the same path.

-In another part, Dr. Movafeghi, the head of Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute welcomed the holding of such schools as instrumental in promoting the exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge related to (particle physics) and nuclear engineering and all ongoing projects involved with radiation source activities.

-Dr. Michael Holt, a European leading scientist representing the European Joint Research Center (JRC) also reiterated on the importance of such peaceful nuclear cooperations and while supporting the (JCPOA) deal commitments particularly paid attention to R&D and exchange of experiences.

-It should be mentioned that among the dignitaries present were H.E christo polendakov, the Bulgarian ambassador to Tehran whose country is the current rotating president of E.U as well as Mr. Bagha'I secretary of (JCPOA) headquarters stationed in I.R. of Iran Foreign Ministry.