AEOI Step-4 Actions Regarding JCPOA Commitment Reduction

November 12, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Recommencing uranium enrichment operation in Fordo site

On, Nov/6, upon the order issued by the honorable President as well as head of the Supreme national Security Council concerning the restart of the Fordo uranium enrichment operation site, 2000 kg of UF6 gas following transfer from tanks in the martyr Ahmadi-roshan (Natanz) site the feed cylinder was connected to the martyer Alimohammadi site (Fordo) chain lines for further processing. The operation was performed after successfully passing through related technical checking, including final vacuum pumping, centrifuges machinery control and monitoring of valves, control systems and automation as well as operating the collecting systems and termination of passivation, then, the gas lines feeding operation of the centrifuge chains machinery for accumulating the enriched uranium began in the Fordo site under the supervision of IAEA representatives.