AEOI's Salehi Visits Fordow Nuclear Complex

December 17, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

-Dr. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head on Dec 11 paid an extensive visit to the Fordow nuclear complex and got acquainted with the latest ongoing scientific activities and inaugurated a 10/000 square meter processing, laboratory and administrative premises.

-The visit covered the process of building the first Iran National Vacuum Reference Laboratory ongoing project, capacitive pressure measurement production line, Material Engineering Development and National Research Center, mechanical properties of materials, ceramics, corrosion, level engineering, composites, polymer and chemical analysis labs.

-AEOI head upon detailed observation of such facilities, expressed satisfaction on the stable isotopes production project and the establishment of the Material Engineering Development and Research National Center.

-Dr. Salehi referring to the Iran-Russia nuclear cooperation in Fordow stated the following remarks:

-This cooperation encompasses the stable isotopes project of which we have started with the Xenon and Tellurium isotopes, and are satisfied with the related progress.

-Scientifically speaking this move is highly valued and it is hoped an advanced lab will be built for the purpose of precise measurement. The concerned experts have provided valuable information on the stable isotopes and the usage of this very advanced important industry, that is to say, isotopes enrichment other than uranium.

-Dr. Salehi further added that Iran national media should reflect the scientific advances made throughout the last 3 years since the historic talks. He mentioned that although we admitted some limitations, but this has not impeded our peaceful nuclear industry and if decided, we can put aside the 300KG limitation and restore enrichment as wished and deemed on any level. He pointed out that Iran possesses sufficient fuel for the Tehran reactor for the couple of years ahead and, that as set by JCPOA timing content, 20% enrichment will not be performed, but the principle of enrichment remains intact and if deemed necessary will be resumed.

-Dr. Salehi expressed hope on the European cooperation vis-à-vis JCPOA and asked for a realistic approach to perform commitments and make up for the shortcomings created by the U.S behavior.

-According to the article 36 and 37 of JCPOA the commitments are binding and if breached, Iran can also reduce its own commitments. He further pointed out that all depends on the authority supervising the progress of the deal, of which Iran is being constantly monitored and verified. Dr. Salehi, reiterated that this is not bluffing, and if national sovereign interests demand, we can go back to the 20% enrichment and provide for the country's needs as judged suitable.

-Dr. Salehi at the end of his comments, pointed out that two nuclear power plants are being built with the cost of around 10 billion dollars, and with access to the possibilities provided upon JCPOA through the European Union, cooperation for the establishment of an advanced nuclear safety center will be promoted with around a 20 million dollar commitment by the E.U.