Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Connected to National Grid Network

Refueling and Repair Solely by Iranian Expert
June 24, 2020

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  • Nuclear

For the first time, upon annual fuel replacement operation and performance of the Bushehr power plant main equipment repairs, carried out successfully by Iranian experts and achievement of technical tests, the plant was on June 21, peak summer consumption period, connected to the national grid.

This national achievement was performed, considering the critical prevailing conditions to prevent the further spread of Corona epidemics, and deploying the utmost hygiene protocols, following successful fuel replacement and resumption of electrical energy production, was connected to the electricity network.

Mr. R. Banazadeh, the Bushehr nuclear power plant head and director general of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Operation Company further explained that:

The nuclear fuel replacement process is a very complicated, sensitive activity, through which operations are performed every year by Iranian experts, using a unique technological devise, referred to as fuel replacing robot.

He also added that, the process involves emptying one-third of the nuclear fuel inside the reactor's core, and upon specialized operation, fresh fuel is fed into the core.

Bushehr nuclear plant with a 1000 MW nuclear electricity output capacity is the first of its kind in Western Asia region which was connected to the national network electricity on Sep/3/2011, and at present passing over the 43 billion Kilo Watt nuclear electricity hour output, has played a particular role in needed energy provision specially in Southern provinces during the peak hot and cold seasons of the year.