Ceremonies for the Construction of the Stable Isotopes Second Phase Production with the Gas Centrifuge Procedure

September 23, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Ceremonies for the construction of the stable isotopes second phase production with the gas centrifuge procedure started on Sep/12, with the presence of Dr.Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head and the organization's senior officials in the Martyr Alimohammadi (FORDOW) complex.

The first phase of this project with the feasibility study of stable isotopes with Tellurium and Zenon using the IR1 centrifuge machinery had already been successfully performed through cooperation with Russia.
On this occasion Dr. Salehi offered the following remarks:

Enrichment is not merely confined to uranium. A number of elements in the periodic table possess around 256 stable isotopes, which are extensively used in industry, health sector, agriculture, cultural heritage and archeology.

We start this construction complex with 7000 square meter area measurement with advanced lab and facility, which has yet to be completed. At the moment we use IR1 machine to enrich the stable isotopes like Tellurium and Zenon as a pilot project and intend to achieve an industrial level.

Our experts have written huge softwares program one of which, for instance, has 300000 program line.

It is hoped the project will bear fruit until the next two years. Some of the stable isotopes are worth around 140/000 dollars a gram, and as compared with the price of oil, up to 30-40 dollars a barrel, it has a comparative value added advantage. The Islamic Republic of Iran is among few countries to have accessed the stable isotopes production ability.

Iran has stood up so far to the tremendous pressures imposed by the enemies. United States for the third time was isolated in the Security Council. The power of the Islamic Iran is rooted in trust and firm belief in the Almighty God. The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is one of the manifestations of the country's power and abilities, although its peaceful activities have always been faced with the challenges of imperial power.

Our organization has achieved valuable outcomes in the fields of health, radiopharmaceuticals, tracing of new technologies, such as quantum, enrichment, stable isotopes plus exploration and excavation as well as building of new power plants.

With the grace of God and the wisdom of our high authorities we have been able to defuse the enemies ill intensions and by retaining our justified rights, to impose our will on the most cruel world order, and not to submit to their unjust force.