Concrete Pouring of the Second Unit of Nuclear Power Plant Held in Bushehr

November 12, 2019

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  • Nuclear

On, Nov/10, ceremonies for concrete pouring of the second unit of nuclear power plant was held in Bushehr with the presence of Dr. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head as well as a number of the country, provincial authorities, Parliament members and representatives of the Russian companies involved in the construction.

The construction contract for building the unit 2 and 3 of the Bushehr power plants was signed in Nov, 2014 between the Nuclear Power Production and Development co. (NPPD) and contractor, Atomstroyexport Company, affiliated to the holding co. (Rosatom). The contract included the design, construction as well as commencing operations of the two nuclear reactor units, each with a capacity of 1057 MW electricity output.

The start of the work ceremonies of the unit 2 was performed on Sep/11 of 2016, with the presence of the Honorable President's deputy, and the contract's implementation operation began on Dec/28, 2016.

The excavation operations also started at the end of the same year. The excavation of the unit 2 power plant was carried out at the end of October 2017 with the presence of AEOI head and Rosatom head in Bushehr.

The concrete pouring of the Bushehr unit 2 nuclear reactor is one of the key construction stages in this national project and consists of 30 percent implementation of the project's timetable.

Since the start of the operation so far, more than 3 million Cubic meter excavation, 850/000 Cubic meter digging, and consolidation of the main construction floors with nearly 17000 building candles, in the DSM method, with 18/5 meters depth has been performed. In addition 3000 tons of Iranian built rebar has been installed in the unit 2 reactor and around 350/000 tons (1000 to 1500 tons daily) of cement is used.

Based on the long term national plans, Bushehr nuclear plant construction is intended for utilization of three nuclear reactor units. At present unit one of this plant with the capacity of 1000 MW electricity output is being exploited. Upon commencing and utilization of units 2 and 3 the nuclear electricity capacity is expected to reach 3114 MW electricity output.