Countdown Has Started

June 18, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Mr. B.Kamalvandi, AEOI deputy head on International, Legal and Parliamentary affairs On/June/17 briefed the leading media representatives, in a press conference held in Arak, Khondab heavy water complex, on the vital decisions reached regarding the compliance with the JCPOA admitted commitments as the following:

In line with implementing the decision adopted by the Supreme National Security Council and President's order on overpassing the set 300kG limit of enriched uranium and supply of heavy water surplus production in the international markets, AEOI will resort to the following moves.

On such basis, we have increased the enriched uranium production to four times over, and in the coming day, the increase will go on. In other words, the countdown has begun, and as of today, upon passing a period of ten days, on 27 of June we will exceed the 300KG enrichment-reserves ceiling. In the later stages, we will keep increasing the output and finally speed up and increase the 3/67 uranium enrichment level.

Heavy water product has extensive use in the medical sector such as in pharmaceutical industry, diagnosis and medical screening. Heavy water is not supposed to be exported as a primary raw material. It has value added comparative advantage such as oil and gas.

Our objective is not to exceed the 130 ton ceiling. We decide on its related economic advantages according to the country's needs. We offered a one year opportunity to the Europeans and endured a strategic tolerance. There is still time to reach a decision. If nothing is done, it points to their either unwillingness or inability due to domestic factors or weakness to face a powerful rival.

Many positive words are offered, but we expect concrete action. If the 60 days opportunity is lost Iran will increase its reserves and particularly exceeding the 3/67 ceiling will not consume much time.

The move adopted by Iran is in accordance with paragraphs 26 and 36 of JCPOA which has reserved certain rights for Iran to reduce its commitments in case the other parties do not abide by theirs. If we notice positive signs, we will go back to our admitted obligations within the framework of JCPOA.

With regard to the heavy water complex, we proceed with the redesign plan as well as the previous reactor, which can be technically resorted to, in case of noticing non-compliance from the other side.

With respect to Khondab heavy water facilities, the installation has the capacity to-increase out. We have admitted, based on JCPOA, to offer the 130 ton surplus to the international markets. Trump has asked a ban on heavy water purchase from Iran. If this occurs, the facility will not be decommissioned, and we enjoy both domestic and international demand.

In other fields we are doing well. Fordow facility has advanced greatly. Now we possess national material and vacuum labs and provide for many of the needed vacuum related equipment ourselves. In Natanz, our design can function to enrich one million (SWU).

The Americans claimed to refrain from imposing embargo on medicine and food products. But they imposed sanctions on our radiopharmaceutical company and related individual.

Although this was an inhuman move, yet, we were able to meet domestic demand and even keep up the exports. I have representation on behalf of the great nuclear industry to declare that we obey the decrees issued by the Supreme Leader to safeguard the integrity of this mother industry which plays a vital role in the country's development.

At the end of the session, Mr. Kamalvandi responded to questions forwarded by the media representatives, and they visited different parts of the installation as well as Oxygen-18 production factory.