Dr. Salehi, AEOI Head & President’s Deputy Issues Message on the Occasion of the National Nuclear Technology Day

April 8, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

On such a critical period of time that the health care personnel bravely struggle to alleviate the afflicted patients’ suffering, while condoling with the families of the bereaved over the death of their loved ones during the recent misfortunes, I  would like to felicitate hereby 20th of Farvardin (9th of April) the 14th anniversary  of Iran’s National Nuclear Technology Day, which is coincided this year with the  holy birthday of Imam al-Mahdi, and moreover to express my appreciation to  each and every member of the proud large family of Iran’s nuclear industry for their admirable and standing efforts.  

Besides, I should proudly announce that the 122 new achievements of this organization during the last year, which are demonstrating the tireless endeavors of the AEOI’s research and scientific staff, are the harbingers a new hopeful era of vast multidimensional development in all aspects of this organization’s activities. 

Meanwhile, it should be briefly added that among of such achievement, the progress in production and quality of nuclear medical services and medication supply to the health care centers throughout the country has been achieved both in vast and notable volume and speed. 

It is evident that in such a hard time that the Islamic Republic of Iran is suffering from cruel sanctions by the global imperialism, responding to medical and  healthcare needs is a national moral obligation, which is obviously of utmost importance to all of us. 

Furthermore, the promotion of the macro plans in the field of nuclear fuel cycle, exploration and excavation of raw material, accelerating the research and development projects, uranium enrichment activities, and furthermore the  construction of 2nd and 3rd units of the Bushehr nuclear power plant, alongside  with the ongoing development of new nuclear technologies in Iran will continue  as like as before with vigorous and unabated endeavor.  

In addition, modernization of the Khondab (Arak) heavy water research reactor will continue in accordance with the provisions of the JCPOA. It is noteworthy that the hard work of the AEOI’s staff in light of the guidelines and outlook illustrated by the Supreme Leader besides instructions of the President have prioritized the uninterrupted development of this strategic industry in all of its aspects.

As it was planned and according to the tradition of the past years, all arrangements and preparations were made for the celebration of the National  Nuclear Technology Day in presence of H.E. President Rohani in companion with  the foreign representatives and guests and a notable number of senior civil and military officials as well as simultaneous opening of the exhibition of the AEOI’s  achievements. Nevertheless, due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus and  observing the instructions issued by the National Headquarters of Administrating coronavirus, it has been decided to postpone the occasion to a more appropriate  time.

I hope that in light of God mercy and Imam al-Mahdi’s compassion the path will be paved in the earliest convenient time for the exhibition of the aforementioned achievements to the people of Iran. However, the AEOI is willing to carry on  bringing its achievements to the knowledge of the public through the sincere  cooperation of the national public media.  

I remain confident that by resorting to the alliance and togetherness of the Iranian nation as well as the wise leadership of the responsible authorities, in  particular the senior members of the health sector and the unforgettable sacrifice devoted by health care personnel in combating this menace, the great nation of Iran will emerge victoriously from the prevailing challenges and will end up in  prosperity and everlasting joy.