Dr. Salehi, Grossi Hold Talks

August 31, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

On Au6/25, talks were held between mr R.M.Grossi, IAEA Director General and Dr. A. A. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head in  the premises of the organization.
Following the talks a press briefing was held, with the participation of domestic, foreign media representatives of which excerpts appear below.

Dr. Salehi referring to the long familiarity with Mr. Grossi stated the following remarks:

Mr. Grossi's visit opens a new chapter between I.R. of Iran and IAEA and our cooperation will be extended further. Hopefully the talks will be mutually beneficial in a way that the IAEA acts according to its charter and on the other hand Iran within the safeguard agreement and additional protocol as it has been so far.

The talks were fruitful and a statement is planned to be issued. It was agreed that the agency acts in a professional and independent way and we carry on within the framework of our commitments. The problems that lie ahead will definitely will be settled, however, the enemies will not remain idle. We will also try to defuse their ill intentions.

The spirit of understanding with  Mr. Grossi and IAEA, in whole, within the rules and agreements is appreciated. The I.R of Iran in tracing the fabricated nuclear file created, has shown it will not submit to pressures outside of its legitimate commitments and will decide according to it national interests and sovereignty. We will definitely act to what we have been committed to and the agency should also follow within its charter, and agreements reached with Iran.

Mr. Grossi on his turn offered the following remarks:

The IAEA enjoys a constructive trend with Iran. We have an extensive agenda to work on and hope to reach settlement in areas concerning peaceful use of nuclear energy.

In response to a question forwarded regarding the political inclination of the agency, Mr. Grossi answered:

The agency does not behave in accordance with the personal will of the Director General, but its decisions are based on defined legal principles and safeguard agreements reached with countries. This entity has tried, in its 70 years tenure, to act technically and legally which is of utmost importance. Some might try to abuse the agency, but during our management, we will not allow any country to misuse for its unprofessional aims.

The cooperation between the agency and Iran has never been interrupted. We have good cooperation and a good part of agency's inspection activities are devoted to Iran and some issues need to be further transparent. With respect to JCPOA some issues have to be clear.

With respect to the agency's observation of the Saudi Arabia secret plans, Mr. Grossi, answered we have a monitoring agreement with this country which is hoped to continue. With respect to the hostile behavior of the U.S and tabling anti-Iranian projects on the international level, Grossi declared that the agency will not allow a third country influence on our bilateral relations with member states. We guarantee there is no influence on the agency although there is pressure which we will not allow to interfere with our activities up to what we can.