Dr. Salehi Participates in Top Iran-EU Seminar

November 26, 2018

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  • Nuclear

-Dr. A.Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head, on Nov 25, leading a high ranking delegation, traveled to Brussels for participation in the third top seminar held on international nuclear cooperation between Iran and E.U countries.

-The seminar which is titled achievements and expectations lasted from 26-27 November.

-The top participants and speakers included-the AEOI head, B.Kamalvandi, the organization's spokesman and International, Legal and Parliamentary deputy, A. Araghchi, Iran Foreign Ministry political deputy, Miguel Arias Canete E.U commissioner for Energy and Climate Action, Helga Schmidt E-U deputy secretary General for political affairs as well 3 members of Iran's Parliament and a number of AEOI senior directors.

-The seminar surveyed the background of the main adopted decisions on the crucial nuclear cooperation in the previously held sessions.

-In accordance with the JCPOA – Annex3, the two sides have compromised on numerous projects such as Bushehr power plant nuclear stress test as well as establishment of a nuclear safety high level center with a 25 million Euro investment by E-U which was covered and studied in these two days.

-It should be reminded that the second round of the seminar was held previously in Iran – Isfahan from 21 to 22 Nov, 2017 with the title nuclear cooperation: Advances and Prospects with the participation of senior authorities from the two sides.

-That seminar's main speakers were composed of Mr. B. Kamalvandi, AEOI spokesman and International, Legal and Parliamentary deputy, Mr. A. Araghchi, Foreign Ministry Deputy, Helga Schmidt, E-U deputy secretary General for political affairs.

-The participants also included experts and authorities from France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, China, Argentina and Romania of which a number of them offered presentations.

-The first seminar of this type, within the scope of JCPOA annex 3 was also held for the promotion of JCPOA conclusions with the title "expectations and responsibilities" in March 2017 in the E-U headquarters-Brussels. In this gathering the two topics of "responsibility" and "expectations" were dealt with in two different panels of legal nuclear aspects and research-development issues.

-A similar seminar was also held in Moscow from Oct/17-18-2017 with the title of 25 years of peaceful nuclear energy exploitation between Iran and Russia.