Dr. Salehi Praises the Conduct of the National Day of Nuclear Technology

May 6, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

On Apr/30 Dr. Salehi chairing a ceremony held in AEOI premises to praise the efforts spent by the creators of the achievements presented as well as the organization's staff endeavour in Gloriously holding the National Day of Nuclear Technology events, offered the rewarding comments as follows:

I would like to express appreciation over the heroic efforts devoted by the deputies, directors and hardworking personnel for successfully holding the National Day events. The national Day celebration proved once more your commitments for maintaining this native, authentic technology with determination and pride, under the will of the Supreme Leader and the honorable President.

An unwise move by the U.S has addressed the Revolutionary Guards, just a day prior to events, as a terrorist group.

A meaningful reaction was necessary and fortunately simultaneous-with Apr/10 we unveiled the IR6-20 series-Chain line, despite the reluctance of some European powers.

In a recent meeting with the Supreme Leader, the exalted one emphasized on the significance of this mother industry with respect to the provision of sustained energy for future generations as well as relevance to the state-of-art global technology, which signifies national pride, self-esteem and generating national authority.

At present time, besides the construction of two new power plant units, we are pursuing advanced fusion energy research which could yield results in future decades up to 30 years. Our access to the 20 percent enriched fuel, and installation in the reactor, was a surprise domestically as well as for the global community. This achievement is again a manifestation of national pride.

Today, contrary to the unjust, unfair critical viewpoints, nuclear industry has brought advanced knowledge, scientific progress and benefit to our nation.

The real income of the Bushehr power plant is around 7000 billion toman annually.

The critics overlook the medical importance of radiopharmaceutical treatment for various types of cancer.

The international social media constantly distorts the realities to discourage and disillusion our people and deny our heroic epical efforts.

The current year is a sensitive and critical juncture of time, but with the determination, moral faith and courage of personnel in AEOI, beside scientific innovation and creativity, we will advance with the divine trust and advice of our leader, and we shall witness success and victory in spite of all fabricated challenges faced.

The National Day of Nuclear Technology demonstrated 155 achievements of which 114 gained top ranking product quality. Sixty four ambassadors, deputies and diplomatic secretaries and representatives of 8 international organization participated in the event.