Dr. Salehi's Meeting with the Head of French Atomic Energy Agency

February 22, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Related Country: 

  • France

Dr. A. Salehi, AEOI head, and I.R of Iran Vice President in the process of attending the IAEA seminar on Nuclear Security, held a meeting with Mr. Francois Jacques, head of France Atomic Energy Agency and discussed a number of issues of mutual concern.

In this meeting Dr. Salehi reminded of Iran's expectations of France following the JCPOA deal, and mentioned that in spite of a good start, was critical of France's lack of attention vis-a-vis bilateral cooperation including the nuclear fusion issues.

Dr. Salehi, referring to the development following the U.S exit from the JCPOA pointed out the commitment reduction steps by Iran for the sake of maintain a just balance, and emphasizing on the 16 consecutive IAEA reports on the observance of JCPOA accords highlighted on the dissatisfaction of Iran public opinion and reciprocal expectations.

Mr. Jaques, while indicating France's support of JCPOA, regretted the U.S exit move and at the same time expressed concern over the announced commitment reductions. He stated that French authorities have expressed their concern to the American government.

Dr. Salehi further added that the prevailing situation does not serve the benefits of any of the parties concerned, and reminded of the security benefits JCPOA holds for Europe, as stressed on a number of occasions by Mrs. Mogherini and advised France to follow a cautious path and prevent the further complication of the matter.