Dr. Salehi's Speech Presented on the National Day of Nuclear Technology

April 11, 2019

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On the 9th of April 2019 an Extensive glorious ceremony was held in the luxurious Iran International Conference center, to celebrate the annual 13th Anniversary of the National Day of Nuclear Technology and Achievements. The ceremony was participated by H.E the honorable Dr. Rouhani, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, cabinet ministers, senior military, civil authorities, foreign ambassadors resident in Tehran, university professors and researchers as well as top AEOI directors and scientists. 

The occasion was inaugurated by a comprehensive speech presented by Dr.Salehi, President’s deputy and head of the organization of which the most outstanding points appear as the following:

At the outset, with the blessing of the Almighty God, i would like on behalf of the nuclear industry's hard working staff to welcome the presence of the honorable President, cabinet members and other senior official.

Fortunately, in spite of all the fabricated obstacles and in the lights of guidance offered by the Revolution's Supreme Leader, the macro and strategic objectives of the national nuclear industry has advanced relentlessly and we will witness more progress in the future.

I have the honor to announce that up to now 114 new nuclear industry achievements in various fields are produced and ready to be exploited. I would like to elaborate briefly on six selected nuclear industry achievements that will be unveiled today by the honorable President as the following:

  • Design and manufacturing of continuous zoning centrifuges in the field of Medicine.
  • Design and building of the measurement of structure of quality process control system as a top priority of AEOI
  • Building of fabricated quantum interconnected photons useful in the fields of measurement, communication and sensors
  • Unveiling of new product, Ytter90 in the health sector,  radio pharmaceuticals, for the Treatment of hepatic (Liver ) cancer
  • Production of Oxygen18 with the capacity of 100KG per year for the production of FDG Radioisotope to be used in the PET-Scan laser beam diagnosis.  Each Kilo of Oxygen18 is worth about 30,000 dollars.
  • Design and manufacturing of advanced FTIR spectrometer for the measurement Purposes.

With regard to the important issue of new generation of centrifuges, in spite of the mischiefs produced regarding the progress in this vital field, it is declared with honor that today we witness the start of the installation of an intermediate 20-seater line of IR6 centrifuge in the nuclear site (AHMADI ROUSHAN), NATANZ.  With the completion of the project in the near future, pre-conditions for implementing necessary processing tests will be provided.

With respect to the issue of opening waste management unit, in NATANZ, titled E 1000, the facility and project functions in line with the nuclear international safety standards perfectly. It has a capacity of 190000(SWU) for the NATANZ safety site criteria and has the capacity to be elevated up to 1 million SWU.

  • The construction of the Bushehr Power plant units 2 and 3, Alborz Province ION treatment center project, research regarding nuclear fusion infrastructure and system,  expansion of stable isotope application in FORDOW,  uranium exploration project using aerial geo-physics techniques, and redesign of ARAK, KHONDAB heavy water reactor are all being pursued actively.
  • We welcome the IAEA impartial reports concerning our peaceful nuclear programs and remain committed to the integration and positive cooperation with the agency within the context of commitments admitted.

Iran's national nuclear industry objectives are aimed at optimizing and structural renovation of this vital filed. The U.S government in a confused and unbalanced way has breached its admitted commitments. This will in no way jeopardize our will power in carrying out our macro nuclear peaceful objectives. Placing inhuman sanctions against AEOI such as on INRA and Radiopharmaceutical provision company are among such unjust sanctions.

We should be aware of  the planned provocation by enemies to intimidate us to show hectic reactions.

I am confident that  if we follow the wise advice of our leader and remain united together away from unjust critical views concerning the government, we will overcome the impediments and witness victory at the end.

God bless all of you.